Sh. Parth Gupta, IAS

Sh. Parth Gupta, IAS
Municipal Corporation, Ambala

Sh. Jaibir Singh Arya
Municipal Corporation, Ambala

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Trade License

The issue of trade license is a means to ensure the manner for carrying out a business in accordance with the relevant rules, standards and safety guidelines. The Trade license function of MCS is to facilitate the issues of new licenses, installation permission/NOC, renewal of trade license, upgrading of trade, closure and cancellation of trades, collection of fee for the services etc. Licenses may include various types for example:

  1. Trade
  2. Food and Eatable establishment
  3. Vehicles
  4. For selling Municipal market
  5. Private market
  6. Selling outside market
  7. Selling goods through hawkers
  8. Manufacturing
  9. Tehbazari etc.
  10. like restaurants, hotels etc.

Note:- Applicants may apply for trade license by submitting required documents through online portal or by visiting CFC office.